venerdì 10 maggio 2019

Tiger Country - Bedburg Campaing

the association Bedburger TableTop Freunde will play the Tiger Country campaign in its club.
8 players will fight divided in Axis and Allies.
Here is the list of the armies taking part to the campaign in Tuscany:


1st US Armored  Division 'Old Ironside'
Player: Robert

34th US Infantry Division 'Red Bulls'
Player: Stefan

6th British Armoured Division
Player: Sebastian

 2nd Indipendent British Parachute Brigade
Player: Sven


29. Panzergrenadier-Division
Player: Dennis

 16. SS Panzergrenadier-Division
Player: Thomas

 65. Infanterie-Division
 Player: Swen

1. Sturmbrigade der Italienische Freiwillige Legionen
Player: Stefano

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