sabato 8 giugno 2019

Italian Waffen SS

Stefano: "I will play Italian volunteers in the German army. I shall use the Armies of Germany list with confiscated Italian vehicles. Many Veteran units with some light armoured vehicle will the be the base for a tactic of movement and fire."

sabato 1 giugno 2019

34th US Infantry Division 'Red Bulls'

Stefan: "I am deplozing the 34th Infantry Division, which includes a good amount of regular infantry squads mainly for a defensive purpose. A bit of mobility and firepower is offered by a jeep with a MMG and 3/4 Ton Dodge truck. A M18 Hellcat tank destroyer will be fielded instead of the Sherman to get rid of those pesky Tigers."

martedì 28 maggio 2019

29. Panzergrenadier-Division

Dennis: "I'm with the 29. Panzergrenadier-Division. My grenadiers are supported by squads of assault engineers and their transport vehicles. In this list there is also an iconic Tiger tank from the 508. Schwere Panzerabteilung."

domenica 26 maggio 2019

2nd Indipendent British Parachute Brigade

Sven: "I play the 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade, Veterans from Tunisia who were ironically
shipped from Africa to the Port Town of Taranto, Italy. In Operation Slaptstick they captured
and secured Airfields to link up with the 8th Army, then pushing inland to join up with the
U.S. Forces.
I chose an Army List with small specialised Teams, supported by heavy Infantry. Following
the Rules, Airborne are veterans, hard to kill bastards and experienced Soldiers, also they
are small in Numbers and thus fight in a more Guerilla like Fashion."

6th British Armoured Division

Sebastian: "I will deploy regular armoured vehicles escorted by fresh unxperienced infantry units. They will be however supported by Gurkhas and veteran gun crew and led by experienced officers. The Gurkhas will move up aggressively on the front, bolstered by the rest of the infantry, while armour and cannons will give fire support."

Tiger Country Armies - 65. Infanterie Division

Swen: "I am going to field the 65. Infanteriedivision. Since they are the foot sloggers of the campaign, I will mostly be playing a pure infantry platoon with defensive tactics."